New Short Story for Children written by: Mariana Otàlvaro Ospina.

Once upon a time…

There was a very sensitive, loving and friendly girl. She was going to school every morning, and her friends treated her very good.

Short stories - Stories for little girls and boys

She was in love with a handsome class mate, but he did not fell anything for her.



In spite of everything, she wanted to fight for her love, and after some time making a big effort to conquer him, without forgetting her studies. He noticed of her, felt honesty and affection.

They became a couple, and even if sometimes had arguments, always ended up making peace, and were always helping each other.

Were a very happy couple, happy and together forever.

And that is the end of the story…

Moral of the story: Follow your dreams and pursue your goals.

Values of the story; Love, happiness, forgiveness, respect.


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