Short Story written by: Graciela Lorena Bogado

In a little cabin, a good woman called Juliet was finishing sewing a doll that she had made with some pieces of fabric. ¡How cute it is! – She thought to herself looking at it.

As the doll had been made with fabric, Juliet decided to name her Clothy.


That same day, when Juliet went to town to deliver some finished seamwork, a fairy godmother went into her house and when she saw the cute Clothy doll, used her magic wand to give the doll a heart.

What a surprise when Juliet arrived home and saw Clothy moving, walking, laughing and talking like a real girl. Proud and happy, she asked Little Clothy if she wanted to go to the store and buy some treats. Juliet wanted her to meet people and make friends. But on the way, Clothy met and became friends with a very bad and naughty goblin and she started to do the same mean things as the goblin and to disobey Juliet´s advice. From then on she decided to make mischief with her new friend instead of going to the store.

When the fairy godmother saw what was happening, she bewitched her because she had been disobedient and had behaved badly. She gave her two cotton ears and a button nose.

Clothy then became scared of the goblin and decided to look for Juliet. She looked for her everywhere but couldn’t find her.

Clothy finally escaped from the evil goblin thanks to the fairy godmother and went back home.

Once in front of Juliet, she hugged her and ask her for her forgiveness.

since then Clothy has been a nice and kind girl.

Finally, the fairy godmother turned her into a real girl in recompense of her being so good.




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