Short Story written by: Jesus Eduardo Martinez

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful white pony called Ellys, whose dream was to fly and touch the sky.

The pony wanted his wish to come true so much that he went into the woods to find someone to ask.

He first asked a couple of rabbits:

“Do you know how can I fly up to the sky?”

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And the frightened rabbits replied: “No, we don´t”

He continued to walk through the woods until he came upon a family of birds, and asked them:

“Do you know how can I fly up to the sky?”

The little birds said:

“You are a beautiful pony, but you can´t fly.”

But he was so excited and had such faith that he would be able to fly, that he didn´t give up and kept on asking around.

Suddenly, he saw a group of deer and asked them:

“Could you tell me how can I fly up to the sky?”

“No, we don´t”, they said.

But after seeing how much faith, enthusiasm and illusion, Ellie had, they said:

“We are going to tell you a secret. Go to the other end of the forest and you will find a beautiful house surrounded with flowers. Inside lives a nice old woman called Celestial. She has magic powers and can probably help you.”

The pony followed the deers’ advice and went in search of the cabin and although he almost fainted trying, finally found it.

He knocked on the door and an old woman with a nice and sweet face opened it.

“Can I help you?”, she said.

“I´m looking for Miss Celestial”

“That´s me, how can I help?”

“My name is Ellys. I want to fly up to the sky, that’s my big dream, and someone in the woods told me that you could help me”.

Miss Celestial saw the pony had faith and also saw the illusion spread across his face and so, she said she would help him. She invited him into her cabin, gave him some leaves and said the magic words:


A bright light filled the house and when the light had disappeared, there stood a white unicorn with beautiful wings and a small horn in the middle of his head.

Ellys had turned into a beautiful, white unicorn and he had wings. Miss Celestial warned him:

“I have to advise you of the limits and conditions of my magic. You will be a beautiful unicorn as long as you do good and be nice to others and to nature.”

Ellys flew away happily and he fulfilled to the letter what Miss Celestial had asked of him and so he was the happiest and most beautiful flying unicorn ever.



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