Short Story for kids written by: Adela Garcia

Once upon a time, there was beautiful fairy princess, she was living in her kingdom with her father the king and her mother the queen.

Everybody there was able to fly but her and her family; because and evil wizard had put a curse on the whole family, and the spell could only be undone by a good witch, good hearted with feelings. But unfortunately, the good witch of the kingdom had died.




She said to herself:

-“I won´t give up and I will find a good witch to undo the spell!”

But she knew that her parents would never let her go to look for the witch.

One day, at midnight, she dressed up as a maidservant, and went out of the castle. When her parents went to wake her up at sunrise, did not find her.

The princess searched inside an abandone cave in where she found a book of spells, searched and searched around to see if there was any wizard that had forgotten it. But she did not find anyone, so went back to the castle. When she arrived, waited a punishment for having escaped.

Went into the room and remembered the book, looked for it and opened it, reading page after page, discovered many spells, one for swimming, another, for surfing…but none of them were the one she needed, until found a note between two pages saying:

“Whoever finds and reads this book will be the next good witch or good wizard of the kingdom“.

Suddenly, a ray of light came in through the window until her, she was shocked and began to fly, breaking the spell and becoming the good witch of the kingdom.


And that is the end of the story…

The moral of the story: Never give up

Short Story´s values: Persistence, self-confidence.


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