Short Story written by: Valeria Torres

Long time ago there was a little magic town called “Fingerland” everybody was very happy there, where the inhabitants were goblins working in what they wanted, they used to go where humans were.

They were working in a fair that consisted in fulfilling wishes to all good children. But one day went a girl called Claire that had an special wish, she wanted her mother back. But the goblins could not grant that kind of wishs, they could just grant normal wishes for kids, per example: a teddy bear, a doll, candies, money…but the wish Claire had make was forbidden for a goblin. If they fulfilled a forbidden wish would be punished by an evil dragon.


But there was a new goblin that had just arrived and did not know the rules, he looked at Claire and said: “Your wish will be fulfilled”, making the girl happy imagining her mom going back home with her and her aunt  Alice, who was taking care of Claire.

When the fair finished the goblins went back to their village, and Martin, the lively goblin, told everything to his best friend Philip, who said:

– “You are so crazy! that´s forbidden, remember that Isaac, the evil dragon, can punish you!”

– “Being punished for making a girl happy? that´s our job!” – complained Martin.

Philip: “I Know, but rules are rules

Martin: “I know, but i saw the girl so sad and desperate, so ilusionated, that I couldn’t disappoint her”

Philip: “Don´t worry, you tried to do good without knowing it was forbidden, let´s go home, it´s freezing”

Martin: “You are right, I feel pretty bad”

Days passed and Martin was very sad and disillusioned because he could not help Claire, he thought and thought about it until…wow!!! He found out how to grant the nice wish Claire had made. Took a deep breath and did it; but what he did not know was that Isaac, the dragon, had an alarm that sounded when a “bad” goblin disobeyed him. But what Martin had done was not bad, he did it knowing that could have been punished, but his heart was full of good actions and intentions.

Philip went to visit Martin: “Do you feel better?”

Martin: “I do feel better, do you know why?”

Philip: “No…why do you feel so happy? oh! wait!…have you done it!?”

Martin: “do what?”

Philip: “You know what I mean, the wish of the girl that wanted her mother back”

Martin: “Well…is not that bad, is it?”

Philip: “Did you do it?”

Martin: “Yes…”

Philip: “But, what have you done! you will be punished!”

Martin: “I don´t care, I just want to do the right and do my work, grant good kids´ wisches”.

The dragon was angry, but he understood that the goblin had made it for Claire and it was not ill intentioned, he just did it to help a girl with an understandable wish.

From that day on, he allowed the goblins grant that kind of wishes to good children, and everybody was relieved.

Claire, her aunt Alice, and her mother were always grateful to Martin for having granted them to be together forever.



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