Short Stories for Kids written by: Sipil Viapa.

When Gordon bought that pair of shoes did not imagine the problem he was going  to have. It seems that the name of the shoe Store “The mad shoe” had something to do with the kind of shoes they sold, but he did not suspect anything.

Bought the pair of shoes on monday and wore them for the first time on tuesday, once he put them on realized that had something strange, the right foot took a step forward, but the left shoe took a step back!.

Childrens stories - Thomas and the flying sneakers

– “Oh my God!” – screamed Gordon – “I can’t go anywhere with these”.

Raised the left foot and took three steps forward, but when raised the right foot, took three steps back again!

Took the shoes off, put them back inside the box and went to complain to the shoe shop.


The shoemaker apologized and explained him that there was a goblin living in the shop that loved making jokes, and sometimes got inside the shoes.

The shoemaker asked Gordon in which shoe he had the problem.

-“In the left one” – said Gordon – “the right one is fine, but the left one walks back”.

The shoemaker took the left shoe, shacked it a bit and told Gordon to put them on again to see what happened. He put the shoes on and took a step forward with the right foot and then with the left foot. Everything was fine, both shoes were walking forward.

Gordon thanked the shoemaker, said buy to the goblin, even though he could not see him, and left the shop with the shoes on.

So, if you go to buy new shoes, try them on, walk around the shoe shop and make sure that both walk forward; you never know when the shoes goblin wants to make a joke.



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