Short Story written by: Daisy de la Caridad Garcia (Madrid-Spain / 10 years old)

Once upon a time, there was an evil witch living in Italy. When the italians found her, locked her up in a tower so she could not do sorcery. But what they didn´t know was that she had a daughter called Katy that was borned some years before. Katy grew up alone, so she did not know that had powers.

One day, she was playing the ball in the park, a boy raised his arms and suddenly realized that was very high, near the clouds, looked down and saw almost the whole world, and said:

– “I´m flyiiiiiiiing!!!!

Short stories - The twitchy witch

Katia  went to an old man´s house, he was the one that had been taking care of her since she was small. She needed an explanation of what had happened, and the old man told her the truth, that she had inherited the powers of her mother, who was an evil witch.

Katy was scared of her powers, because were evil powers, but the old man told her that to be evil she should have been reared by an evil person, and if she wanted to be good, had to train hard to beat those magic beings that wanted to hurt her.

When Katy was ready to protect herself, had to move to another city, far from her acquaintances; She did not have a magic cat guiding her way.

When she arrived, went to live with a very poor family, found a job to help them with the money. She became very good friend of a boy, whose dream was to fly, but as they were poor, his parents could not buy him a flight ticket.

When Katy told him that she was a witch, he asked her for flying on her broom, otherwise he would think she is a coward.

Katy was desperate, because she could lose a friend if she rejected the proposal, and if she flew with the broom, people would discover her, and she would be locked up in a tower like her mother. She did not know which was the worst option, but as she was so nice, decided to take the kid to fly, knowing the risk of being captured.

When the citizens saw her, called the authorities. Right in that moment, a big light appeared and said that she was good, forgave her, and the town trusted her.

Katia used her powers to help people the rest of her life.


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