Short Story written by: Mariache (dedicated to my grandnephews from Polochic Valley, Guatemala)

Hannah was a poor girl who did not have a home or a place to sleep. She barely had anything to eat every day, and her only toy was her teddy bear “Toto” that she had found in a trash can, it was broken and was missing an arm.

During the night She would sleep anywhere, snuggling up with Toto, dreaming that some day she would go to the Country of Faires.

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One night, she fell sleep as always, hugging her bear “Toto”, when suddenly, heard a very sweet voice calling her:


The girl opened her eyes and was surprised by a strong light and in the middle there was a young girl, almost transparent, with crystal wings and golden hair, sitting on a dragonfly of pink crystal.

“Who are you?” – she asked with fear – “Where do you come from?”

“Don´t be scared” – said the young girl tenderly.

“I see you in my dreams every night, and I know your wish is to visit the Country of Faires. Come with me, we are going to fly on my dragonfly and visit your desired country”.

Hannah approached the dragonfly scared, she hugged her teddy bear Toto tightly as she jumped on the pink crystal dragonfly. The young girl with crystal wings and golden hair tied her to the dragonfly with silk ribbons.

They flew over the sea, below the sky, until finally, the pink dragonfly alighted in the middle of a garden that had fountains and streams and all kind of flowers. The golden haired fairy held Hannah´s hand to show her around.

There were fairies making sweets, all kind of sweets and lollipops. Other were making porcelain dolls with lace dresses that could walk and talk. Other fairies were making all kind of toys, some moved and others were stuffed. When Hannah saw them, she asked the fairy to repair her teddy bear Toto.

Once Toto had a new arm, the golden haired, crystal winged fairy continued to show Hannah around. They saw a little donkey that had a little bell hanging from a golden thread around his neck. He carried two sacks with lots of little bags and illuminated boxes inside.

Hannah asked curiously: “Who are you? What is a little donkey like you doing in the Country of Faires? what are those illuminated boxes inside your sacks?

The donkey answered: “Don´t you know me? Don´t you know who I am?”

“No” – said Hannah shocked.

“Well, I have visited you many nights making you to dream about this country. I also sent you a friend, your teddy bear “Toto”. Other kids had thrown Toto away because he was broken and only had one arm, but you took him and cared for him, and treated him with affection…and once here, you asked the fairies to repair your teddy bear.

I am the one that goes all over the world visiting children every night. Visiting them in their dreams, children that are alone like you. And I give them love, affection, faith, happiness and illusion from my illuminated boxes.

So, when I consider it necessary, I send the pink crystal dragonfly and the gold hair fairy to bring the kids here as a reward for their good feelings in spite of all the difficulties they have suffered.


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