Short Story written by: Yeisly Carrero Moreno

Once upon a time, there was a cute, smiling little turtle who lived in a beautiful forest. She was a very, very happy turtle always laughing at everything!

One day she was walking through the woods eating leaves, when she saw a group of flying bees. The little turtle laughed non-stop and her laughter was the only noise heard.


A hare was watching her, and asked:

– “Little turtle; Why are you always laughing? You laugh at everything and you laugh non-stop. Why, little turtle?”

And Margaret, the turtle, answered:

– “Dear hare, I laugh at everything because everything is beautiful. Life is awesome, that´s why I´m always laughing”. And she continued on her way, singing and smiling happily, as always.

Suddenly it began to rain, and the little turtle began to laugh!, She shrunk her head into her shell to protect herself from the rain, and continued laughing inside.

The hare that still watched her, said:

– “Of course you still laugh in the rain, you laugh because you have your own house and you can´t get wet inside. But what about me? Look at me, out here, getting wet!”

Suddenly a lion appeared and the hare ran away as fast as she could. The little turtle began to run, but of course, we know that turtles can’t run. She tried to walk as fast as she could but she was so slow that the lion was about to catch her and eat her.

The hare was far away and safe from the hungry lion, but she turned and could see from afar that the lion was about to eat the turtle. So, the hare, ran back very fast and reached the little turtle, who began to laugh and in fact laughed as much as she always used to.

The hare put her on her back and took her really far away from the now furious and hungry lion.

– “Little turtle, the Lion almost ate you!” – said the hare panting hard having run many kilometers away from the lion. – “Do you know what?” – continued the hare – “I don´t understand why you were still laughing even when the lion was about to eat you!”

Margaret, the little turtle, said, still laughing:

– “Dear hare, I was laughing as I always do. I was laughing so much because you came to save me!

From that day on, the hare understood that we have to see the good side of things and laugh more!.



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