Short Story written by: Yohana Vanessa

Matilda was a girl who only liked to out to play with her friends and to go to the beach and have fun.

One day someone told her about an abandoned house where somebody was giving away sweets and chocolates to children.


When she arrived an old woman called Perly appeared. Perly lived alone but wanted somebody to live with her, so when she saw Matilda, she locked her up in a room.

Matilda´s parents were really worried, as they couldn’t find her, Matilda hadn’t told them where she was going that day, so they were even more worried because they didn’t know where to look for her.

Matilda was actually okay, because the witch wasn’t going to hurt her, but she was very upset and felt guilty at not telling her parents anything.

Finally, the police found Matilda. Perly explained everything and apologised and the girl had learnt her lesson,  After this, she never went anywhere without telling her parents beforehand.

On the other hand, an old woman that lived alone in the village found out that Perly was sad and alone, so she went to find her and they became very good friends.


The moral of the story: Tell your parents where you go and obey them.

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