Short Story written by: Yaima Zulueta

Once upon a time there was an old rabbit called John living in a small cute house up in the mountains with his two granddaughters, Lily and Tina.

Everybody in town loved and respected John, was 100 years old and had been nice with the other animals during his entire life. Now was a wise and strong rabbit.


But his granddaughters were not like him, they weren´t respectful, actually were very rude, always in a bad mood complaining and criticizing the others.

- I don´t like this…

– Me neither…

– I don´t want those…

– Me neither…

– Look at the elephant´s big nose…

– I don´t like it…

– What about the donkey´s ears?…

– awful…

And could spend hours having conversations like that without caring about the others; was their grandfather who had to apologize to his neighbors in the name of his granddaughters.

John, who was tired of his little´s behavior went to sit at the river edge to hatch a plan. Finally, after two hours thinking, had an idea.

Bought two blue notebooks, two pencils and two strawberry shaped rubbers and called the girls, then gave them the notebooks and the pencils and said:

– Let´s play a new game, every time you offend someone write “Sorry” in your notebook. The one with less “Sorry” wins the game.

At the beginning Lily and Tina were enthusiastic about the game, but after some weeks got bored and went to tell their grandpa. When he saw the notebooks congratulated them because barely had”sorry” written at the end of the notebook.

So; was time to begin the second part of the game! John gave them the rubber and said:

– Now you´ve learnt the lesson, erase a “sorry” of your notebook per day, let´s see who wins !

The little rabbits began to erase every sentence, but as much as they tried, the notebooks weren´t clean enough and went to tell John.

Their wise grandpa said:

– That´s what happens when you offend someone, even saying sorry, the pain is done and won´t disappear easily.

Lily and Tina understood the message, changed their behavior and have respected everybody since then.




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