Short Stories written by: Maria Agustina Cavalie.

Matilda was a special girl, she was a witch, but a good witch.

One day she went to the birthday of her friend Joan who had organised a pyjama party at home and had invited all her friends.

Short stories - The twitchy witch

When Matilda saw Joan´s friends she felt very sad because she thought she looked very ugly compared to them. She wasn´t ugly at all, but she felt like that and so decided to go back home.

When she arrived, she went straight up to her room, closed the door and cried until her mother arrived.

When her mum saw her like that she went to talk to her to cheer her up.

She explained to Matilda how beautiful she was, and that every person has their own beauty, and hers was plentiful because she was a very nice person and that also made her beautiful too.

“Thanks mum” – said Matilda

Then she went back to the party in the company of her mother. When Joan saw her she ran to hug her and asked:

“Why did you leave?”

Matilda told Joan her reasons and they laughed together when they realised how silly she had she been.

They enjoyed the party, and the fact that they were good friends was what mattered.




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