Short Story written by: Stephania Ferreyra.

Lauren and her friends Anna and Moly went to the swimming pool one sunny day with their mothers looking after them.

Suddenly somebody touched Lauren´s shoulder and when she looked back she saw Adeline, her fairy godmother who had come to talk to her: “I need your help, and only you can help me.”. Lauren felt a shiver.

Short stories - the forest fairy

- “Close your eyes and think about something beautiful.” – said Adeline- Lauren refused to do it: “I’m sure this is a trick.” she said.

-“Nothing bad will happen to you, trust me.” – insisted Adeline, but Lauren refused to close her eyes.

Some days later, Lauren went for a walk. She stopped in front of a fountain and remembered the words of her fairy godmother: “close your eyes and think about something beautiful.”

She sat on a bench, closed her eyes and began to imagine beautiful things like fairies, butterflies and birds. She began to feel free, as if she was flying. She opened her eyes and noticed that she was in heaven sitting on a cloud.

Lauren realised that the fairy was right and that she shouldn´t have been so selfish.

She closed her eyes again and went back to her mother, and kept her secret forever.




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