Short Story written by: Flopy Olivera (10 years old)

Once upon a time there was a very curious kid called Shane. His neighbors were very strange as they never left their house. That is why Shane went to look for his friends to find out what was going on in that house.

The door was open and he went inside stealthily so that nobody would see him. He went into the kids´room and saw stuffed animals with terrifying poses. He didn’t notice when the father of the family came into the room and said:

Short stories - The wolf and the ladder

– “Excuse me, are you in the wrong place? I want an explanation of what are you doing in my house?

Shane was really scared, and said:

– “I have now realised that you are…you are…you are WOLVES!”

The wolf then locked him up inside a room, Shane began to scream non stop. His friends were hiding in the kitchen. The father of the family went in there and showed his canines and began to laugh. It was just a joke he said. Shane was still inside the room, thinking of how to get out, but he banged his head on a rock. When he woke up he saw his friends laughing, and said:

-“What´s going on here? Can someone explain this to me?”

And his friends said:

– “Hahahah! It was just a joke! Hahahah”

Shane began to laugh at himself and asked to his neighbors:

“But why do you never go out?”

And the mother of the family answered:

“We do, but we use the back door. We have a back door behind the plants”

They all laughed together, laughing and laughing the whole day and night. The mother of the family prepared something to eat, and they sat down together like a family.


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