Short Story written by: Sergio Gómez

Little John would go out to his garden every day and enjoy nature. One day John saw a line of snails and observed them, and he realised that one of them was very slow.

“Why are you slower than the others?” – asked John.

Childrens stories - Sebastian the snail who was in love


“Because I can´t go any faster.” – said the snail.

Don´t be pessimistic, I am sure you can go faster.” – replied John.

And the snail thought about what John had said – “It´s true!” – he thought and he started to go faster and was suddenly able to run!

Now, when John goes to the garden and sees a line of snails, he sees the “slow snail” first in the line, because now he has self- confidence.

It´s important to be optimistic in what you do in life.




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