New Short Story for Kids written by: Ana Clara de la Barrera (Argentina).

Elvira, the girl who never trusted, was a witch living in a small village far from the big cities. She used to spend lots of hours practicing her Spells, but she was too hopeless and was not able of casting spells.

She was the youngest daughter of the most important wizard of the small village, everybody used to call her “the bad witch”. She was always groaning and treating the other badly, because they did not accept her, actually she did not accept herself either.


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She was one day looking at the clouds through the window, when saw a group of white parrots flying around. They were like dancing at the sky, it was a beautiful choreography, almost perfect.

Elvira realized that one of the white parrots was separated from the group, and was flying faster and more strongly than the others to reach them. Suddenly, the white parrot, tired of trying it, decided to fly to the opposite way, landing on Elvira´s window.



-“I can´t stand them anymore!”

Elvira was looking at him smiling.

– “What?” – said the parrot.

Elvira ran to her room and showed him a drawing she had made.

– “Look, it´s you! a white parrot!”

– “Co-cka-too…I am a cockatoo. A distant relative of the parrot, I am white with a yellow crest on my head, that is the difference”. – replied.

Elvira roared of laughter, the cockatoo was annoyed, but he still looked nice and friendly. They were looking at the cockatoos family through the window, Elvira told him that one of her favorite hobbies was to look outside the window. She used to play after practicing her spells, watching shapes of clouds and drawing them later.

The cockatoo told her that she had been trying to be part of the group for a long time ago. She had beat her wings as fast as she could, but she was never able of reaching them.

– “I am different, and that is not bad. The bad thing is that I don´t accept myself, and I want to be like the others, Do you know something? It´s not the first time I see you. My family chooses this place to fly because is far from the cities and the noise, I have noticed you never laugh, Today, though, I saw you laughing several times.”

Elvira and the cockatoo became very good friends that day.They went for walks around the village, drew together,and laugh together. One day, while watching the sunset, orange, pink and yellow. Elvira confessed to her friend that her big dream was to fly and discover new places.

– Let´s fly” – said the cockatoo.

– “I can´t fly; I don´t have wings, and I can´t cast the broom spell” – said Elvira.

– “Yes, you can. You don´t have wings, but have dreams, think about your deep desires” – said the cockatoo.

Elvira closed the eyes and her feet detached from the ground. That is how the bad witch and her faithful friend, the happy cockatoo started a new adventure.



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