Short Story written by: Brissa

There was a beautiful girl called Juliet who had blue eyes and blonde hair.

One day she went to the park with her grandparents to spend some time with them while her mother was working.

So, the three of them were in the park, and Juliet was enjoying playing with other kids, running around and gathering flowers as her grandparents looked on from where they sat relaxing in the shade of a tree.


Juliet ran through the flowers when suddenly something caught her attention, it was a different flower, white and brilliant, the most beautiful rose she had ever seen.

She took the flower and showed it to everybody. First to her grandparents, and then to her parents. Once at home she placed the flower in a beautiful vase in front of a painting of the virgen and prayed to the virgin asking for a little sister.

Two weeks later Juliet´s mother had something important to say:

-“I´m pregnant!” – She said

Juliet was very happy, her wish had been fulfilled and she was going to have a little sister, or so, she thought:

– “This rose must be magic, so now I will wish for something else to see what happens”- and she wished for a dog.

The next morning her parents woke her up with a cute surprise, a puppy!

Juliet couldn´t believe it. She realised that it must be a magic rose but that she only had one wish left, so she decided to make the most beautiful wish she could:

– “I wish my family will ive happily together forever!




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