Short Story written by: Ruben Araya L.

There was a guanaco who was not happy living with his family, so decided to move to any other place where he could find his happiness. His family was sad when he left.

After a long walk, met a rhea, who asked him what was he doing hanging around there, and he answered that was coming from the high fields in where he left his family.

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The guanaco said to the rhea that he might be really happy, because had beautiful wings full of feathers; and the rhea denied it, because he wanted to fly like a condor, and he was only able of running.

The rhea and the guanaco went to look for food, that is fresh grass; to have a delicious banquet, but the rhea and the guanaco were not the only hungry animals there. There were two pumas observing them from a rock, wondering if the rhea meat was delicious or not.

The guanaco heard a noise that made him be alert , told his friend, who was peacefully eating, without any worries:

– “I think somebody is watching us, I am going to check”.

The pumas began to approach them stealthily, the guanaco went to check farther than his friend.

The Rhea didn´t know he was in danger until his friend yelled at him, the rhea began to run leaving the hungry pumas far behind.

The rhea and the guanaco met later again; the rhea thanked his friend, who asked him if he was happy, the rhea said:

– “Of course! My legs make me be a very fast poultry, I think I will go back home, that is not so dangerous, and I can eat relaxed. I don´t want to be free anymore”.

The guanaco went back home too, his family and friends gave him with a big party. He apologized to his parents for not having valued what he had, and they were very happy with him back at home.

And that is the end of the story…

Moral of the story: accept yourself, virtues and defects. And value what you have.

Values of the Story: Family, friendship.


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