Short Story for kids written by: Ruben Araya.

There was a snail who really loved playing the ball with his friends Fray and Peter. They used to go to the park in the valley. A very beautiful place. But Florence was a bit sloppy with his own stuff and toys.

One day after playing, went back home without thinking about the ball. When arrived home realized that had lost it, and told his mom. She told him not to be careless with his toys and he promised not to do it again.

Childrens stories - Snail-love

Went back to the park and asked Peter if he had seen a ball, he said yes, actually he had it because had found it behind a tree; so gave it to him in that moment.

The next day, he invited his friends Fray and Peter to play with his puzzle, and when they finished playing, left the puzzle all over the ground.

His mom called him to tidy up everything, but Florence was not at home; he had gone to play to the park with his friends; this time, he took his favorite toy car, but left it on a branch and lost it.

When he arrived home was so sad because had lost his favorite toy, so promised to his mom that he would not do it again.

She was very happy knowing her son had learnt the lesson, and congratulated him. Florence was not careless never again, he always organized his toys since then.

And that is the end of the story…

The moral of the Short Story: Don´t be careless with your things and toys.

Values of the Short Story: honesty, obey your parents, friendship, responsibility.


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