New Short Stories for Children written by: Narella Valente (9 years old).

Once upon a time… there was a girl called Juliet; her eyes were blue, and her hair was long an blond, shiny like the sun. She was living in Breen, a very small town and was working as maid in the castle of the Prince Arthur.

She was wearing a light blue apron, like the color if the sea; and a white dress, like the clouds.



When Prince Arthur saw her, fell in love, and did everything he could to conquer her, until finally conquered her; she fell at his charms.



When John´s mother found out did not like it at all, she was against that marriage, and chased Juliet out of the castle. But King Arthur, the prince´s father talked to his wife, Queen Olivia, and convinced her to let them get married and be happy.

They made a big party in Breen castle, And the family lived happily ever after.




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