New Short Story for Kids written by: Asley Juliana Camayo.

Once upon a time…

There was a kangaroo called Mary who met a bee. The bee told her that it would love to go sailing with her on her boat.

Both were enjoying a nice afternoon, rowing along the coast and taking in the beautiful landscape.

Short stories - Chatty summer


Suddenly, one of their oars fell into the sea, so they sailed as far as they could until they found a house with a beautiful garden.



They left the boat to ask for help from the owner, who was from Asia. He invited them into his house to rest.

Then they rolled a dice and thought that it would be funny to go to the ZOO, to see an elephant and other animals. They had so much fun there and met lots of new friends.

On the way back they got new oars and decided to continue with their trip. After a few hours on the sea, they saw a lighthouse signalling to them that they were near the coast.

They arrived in New York, visited the city and bought souvenirs.

There, they met an iguana, who joined their trip, which had begun as a simple boat ride.

They became very good friends, visiting many places and at each one they made new friends so that they were soon joined by other friends, such as a frog and a sheep

When their journey finished, they all went to the kangaroo´s house, whose mum invited them to a cup of hot chocolate and they told her everything they had seen and the amazing adventures they had lived.


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