New Short Story for Kids written by: Juan Carlos Dominguez (Mexico).

One night long, long time ago, a man found a star inside a small crystal box. The star gave him light and heat, gave him company, but every time he wanted to hug her, the star burned his arms and his hands, he had to get away to treat his wounds.

Knew that the star looked at him from the distance, they wanted to be together, He had wounds on his arms for a long time, and she wounded him without intention.


One day, the man, tired, sad, watched the sky and finally payed attention to all the stars. Understood that the stars are far in order not to hurt people. And although being up in the sky, the stars are also inside our eyes when we look at them, so they could be together, at least for a moment; so he made a decision.



The star was resting inside that small crystal box, from where she could see the man. He had to catch her with his hands and take her to the sky. The burns were going to be painful, but there was no other way.

When he took the stars on his arms, it was the star who hugged him. That gesture hurt the man´s soul, more than his arms, because he was so sad to let her go. Took her the higher he could, the the star went with the other stars with tears in her eyes.

Every night, the man goes out his house and watches the sky, looks for his beloved star, and knows deep down that they will stay together some day; maybe when she becomes a real woman to live with him, or when he becomes a star in order to be in the sky with her.

And that is the end of the story…


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