Short Story for Kids written by: Karen Stefany Gonzalez Orellana.

One upon a time there was a girl called Caroline. Her and her mother had to move to another country due to family trouble.

They arrived to the Caribbean where had a very nice welcome. The girl had to go to school, so her mom enrolled her in Saint Mary´s School.

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The girl went to school next morning, but Caroline did not speak to anybody, all her class mates were playing except her. The girl asked them to play, but ignored her.



The second day nobody went with Caroline either, but the third day, a girl called Katy began to be her friend.

They were together every day and had so much fun. But one day had a fight and the Principal punished them.

Time passed, Caroline and katy were adults. One day, Caroline went to work as everyday, when saw Katy. They were shocked, so happy to see each other again. After a long conversation, Caroline invited Katy for dinner at her house.

They talked about their childhood during dinner, were very happy remembering their beautiful friendship when were kids.

They met each other again the next day, and apologyzed for that arument in school. They reconciled and were together the rest of their life, grew old together and lived happily ever after.

And that is the end of the story…

Moral of the Short Story: Never fight, talk about the problem to solve it, speaking. Friendship has to last.

Values of the Short Story: Respect, friendship.


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