Short Story written by: Martina Jazmín Rivero

Once upon a time there was a giant girl called Molly living alone in her enormous palace in the middle of the forest.

One day something unexpected happened. She arrived home after her daily walk with her friend the dragon and lots of men, as tiny as peas were waiting for her inside the palace. 

Short stories - The princess and the dragon

She was shocked as she didn´t know who those little creatures actually were.

They touched her and tried to talk to her, calling her, but she couldn´t understand anything, so she decided to take one of them in her hand to hear him better.

The little man told the giant girl that an evil witch had bewitched them and the only way of breaking the spell was a giant girl’s kiss. That´s why they had all come to her palace to beg for her help.

When the giant girl heard the story she did not hesitate to kiss them one by one to break the spell.

When she finished, she looked at them They were happy to be themselves again and became guardians of the giant girl and the dragon in exchange for her help.




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