Short Story for Children written by: Xiomara Ubierna.

There was a girl called Sissi, who was a millionaire and a dreamer, had brown and straight hair, green expressive eyes and was living in Japan.

One day, she went for a walk through the forest with her parents, she realized when walking that the sky was getting dark, were many gray clouds and started raining; were love drops that God was sending.


The cute girl was so curious to know what was going on, observed the drops and realized that each drop coming from the sky had moral values. It was magic coming from the sky, she was watching them.



Se wanted to find the value of responsibility, God new she wanted  to be responsible, so sent her the value of responsibility. The girl ran and reached the responsibility drop. After a while, her parents thought that if she was able to find the value she needed, they could find it too. Her dad took understanding value, because did not use to understand his employers, and her mom chose love. God saw them from heaven and was proud of the family.

As the girl was now responsible, getting good marks in class, her parents wanted to give her a puppy, but they could not find any. There was a man that was just giving puppies, and gave one to Sissi´s dad. The girl named him Rufus, she feeded him, washed him, caressed him…she really loved him.

Her dog was growing so fast, it was more big every day and it was more difficult to take care of him.

One day, two thieves saw Sissi´s mom getting her money out of the bank, and went into her house to steal it, but Rufus heard them and barked loud. The thieves were scared and ran away.

That is how the family lived happily ever after.

And that is the end of the short story…


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