Our friends from Spain ( are in third place in the classification for the best educational blog 2014. (“Bitacoras classification”)

They also publish new Short Stories for kids every day, but in spanish instead of english. The classification is still open, so you can still vote them!

Your vote would really help our friends to be in first place as they deserve, publishing new Stories for children every day, making sure the stories teach important moral values to children, making them enjoy, laugh and have fun too.


We are conscious that most of you won’t understand the stories written in Spanish, but we have them written in english too, just clicking at the end of the story.



So, we would be very thankful if you help our spanish storytellers and writers family!

Just follow the instructions to vote, will take you a minute!

1. Click here:

2. Register in one of your Social Network accounts (Facebook or twitter)

3. As it does not work too good, go back to the link posted on step 1: ,but this time logged in the social network.

4. You will see the site to vote, our friends´ blog is written under education category (educación). Just click on the button below which says (votar) means vote.

And voilà ! your vote is done !

Thank you so much for your support !!!!!!