Short Story written by: Esperanza

“Enjoy my show and laugh!” – that´s how Clowny, the happy clown, used to begin his performance.

Every year children and adults from everywhere went to see him act, every kid but Alice who wasn´t happy there because she was scared of clowns.

Childrens stories - THE SUN CIRCUS CLOWN

Her little sister, Anna, tried to calm her: “Don´t worry Alice, clowns only want to make us laugh“, but neither her sister’s nor her parents’ advice helped Alice to feel better.

Clowny jumped up and down and enjoyed seeing the children´s happy faces, but he could see, in the third row, a girl hiding her face between her father´s arms. It was Alice.

When Clowny saw her, he knew exactly what was going on because it was not the first time he had seen a kid like that, but he wanted Alice to enjoy his show, so he hatched a plan.

He called some kids onstage, and Alice was among them, and he also called her mother and sister to encourage her.

When they all were on the stage, Clowny took out some musical instruments and gave them to the kids. Alice was so entertained playing the saxophone that she didn´t notice Clowny smiling and congratulating her for her talent and effort.

But when she finally saw his honest look and broad smile, she realised he was a good clown and forgot all her fears. “Thanks for calling me up onstage, Clowny. I was very scared of you, but now I know you are good and your intention is to make us happy and learn nice things, so I won´t be scared of clowns any more”.

When the teacher asked her about the weekend, Alice told her the story of being with Clowny, the happy clown, and how she had discovered that clowns only want to make kids happy.



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