Short Story written by: Jennifer Gonzalez Espinosa. 

In a faraway place there was a beautiful island with flowers, leafy trees, a candy house, chocolate buildings…that is to say that is was a world where people were never unhappy.

That place had a castle in where a king called Leonard was living; his wife was called Miss Juliet and their daughter was Linda.


One day, the king had to make a business trip to Spain, when he came back, brought lots of presents; but the most special presents were for his daughter; three dolls that belonged to her spanish grandmother, who died before the princess was born.



The biggest doll had brown hair, and it was called Peich, in honor of a friend of her. The smallest one was blond and was called Phoebe, because of her mother; but the most special was blond and was called Piper, like her.

One day, Linda was playing with the dolls when Piper fell, the girl took it from the floor and said.

– “Oh, my poor doll! Are you ok?”

And a voice said suddenly:

– “Now that you are asking…I´m ok”.

The girl said scared:

– “Is that is a joke? Can you talk? Is the best thing I have ever seen”.

– “Help us! children don´t take care of their dolls, every time a doll is broken we become more fragile and could disappear forever some day”. – replied the doll.

“Everything began when a girl, who did not have any doll, envied her friends for having. One day her parents gave her one, it was very ugly, bald without eyes, the girl broke it even more, and then broke her friend´s dolls one by one. And When she grew founded a factory , where the dolls are now being broken, and then she makes dresses and clothes for the girls”.

The princess said:

-“But, how ca that be possible? ”

– “Only girls like you, who take care of their dolls, can destroy her”.

– “But…what can I do?” – asked the girl.

– “go to DollLand, where dolls are born, every time somebody destroys a doll, another doll disappears, but nobody cares”.

The girl stayed thoughtful for a while, and then said.

– “I will save them!”

The dolls began to jump with joy.

The next day, the girl woke up, took everything she needed and painted a circle on the wall, to create a magic door to DollLand.

It was most beautiful than her island, big dolls, middle dolls, small, bread dolls, glass dolls, soap dolls, and many other things; but they were all crying for having lost all those dolls.

Linda could not bear that no longer and started crying.

Then, she made a map of the factory to rescue the dolls, and destroy the woman. They reached the factory, but fell into a trap and the evil woman locked them.

Linda remembered what Piper had said “Only girls like you, who take care of their dolls, can destroy her” so, she took her three dolls, hugged them and kissed them, and then said:

– “I love all the dolls in the world”.

Suddenly, one of the arms of the woman disappeared, then the other, and then the rest of her body.

When the princess went back home, everything was fine, her parents were already sleeping, thinking she was in her bedroom, so were not worried.

And that is the end of the story…


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