Short Story Written by: Belkis (Panama)

There was a 14 year old girl called Shoshanna who lived with her parents in a big house in the countryside.

One day her family ran out of money and had to move to her grandpas´ house.

She liked living there. While her parents were working and after school she would go outside into the garden with her grandma to water the plants.

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It was Saturday when Shoshanna went outside alone. She was watering the plants when something behind her moved. She was scared but intrigued, so she decided to take a look.

She tiptoed through the flowers when she suddenly bumped into something. It was a black book with a note on it saying:

Don´t open this book, or there will be no turning back.”

Shoshanna ignored the note and opened the book but nothing strange happened. The book contained drawings and stories about magic beings from other worlds, but for Shoshanna it was only a story.

When bedtime arrived, Shoshanna went to bed thinking about the book. Suddenly she felt a big trembling sensation. She woke up, but something was different, she wasn´t at home, she had woken up in the world of the book!

She walked around going nowhere, then she met a boy.

“Hi Shoshanna” – he said – “My name is Boo.

“Where am I?” – asked the girl.

“You are in Glossland, let me show it to you.” – he said.

Shoshanna followed Boo. He showed her the magic world she had read about in the book. Beautiful landscapes, colourful and talking animals. It was beautiful, but Shoshanna was sad.

“I want to go back home.” she said.

“There´s only one way you can go home,” – said Boo – “You must take the book back to the place you took it from.”

And so that is what she did. She buried the book back in its place and returned back home. She would never forget what she had seen in the magic world, but was happy to be at home with her family again.




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