Short Story for Kids written by: Cynthia de los Santos.

Once upon a time there was a very naughty boy, he used to hit and treat his class mates badly. One day, he went for a walk with his parents, he took lots of toys before going out and they went to the park; which had many games, lots of trees and a lake.

There were ducks and fishes in the lake, and he was having so much fun.




He was there without obeying his dad and mom, Hitting people and saying swear words (that is not right).

He went running somewhere to hide, so his parents could not see him, they were very worried, thinking something had happened to him.



When the kid realized he was alone started to cry reconsidering his behavior; because he knew he had to obey and not be rude to his friends and mates.

His parents arrived where the kid was, and explained him that he could not hit or insult people, because lots of them take care of him and want his good. Per example, Educational people (teachers, grandfathers…) the same with children, they have to be friends and get along well, having affection.

The family was better after the shock passed, and they all ate and laughed happily at the park.

And that is the end of the story…


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