Short Story for boys and girls written by: Naomy Liseth Cerritos Palma.

Once upon a time…

There was a girl that worked really hard because her two stepsisters and her stepmother ordered her to do many chores.

The royal ball was coming soon and this time the prince was going to choose a princess from his kingdom, to marry.

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The day of the ball Naomy really wanted to go but she couldn’t because her stepmother asked her to clean everything, wash the clothes, feed the animals and other tasks.



When Naomy finished doing everything she realised that she did not have a dress to wear to the ball and was very sad. Suddenly a fairy godmother appeared and said that she was going to grant her three wishes. Naomy accepted.

Naomy´s first wish was to have a very beautiful dress, her second wish was for a pair of crystal heels, and her third wish was to have an awesome carriage.

When Naomy arrived at the ball, the prince was hypnotized by her beauty and asked her to dance with him immediately.

When the party finished Naomy had neither told the prince her name nor the place where she was living. When the prince asked her it was too late as Naomy had to arrive home before ten o´clock so that her stepmother wouldn´t know that she had gone out.

Finally, the prince found the girl and they became very good friends and then they got married.

And that is the end of the story…


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