Short Story written by: Delsy Janet Quispe Goto.

Daniel lived with his parents and his nanny Joana, in a beautiful house in front of the park. But he was never in the park. His parents were always working and he preferred to be at home studying rather than outside playing. He used to spend too much time in his home library while Joana did the housework.

Daniel was actually very sad, as for most of the day he was alone with Joana. His parents were never at home and this frustrated him. Joana was always trying to motivate the boy to go out and play with the other kids, but he used to ignore her. He knew that he would have fun with them, but he was never in the mood to go.


One day, a ball, which a group of kids were playing happily with in the park, came through the window in Daniel´s library. The kids rang the door bell and Daniel opened it with the ball in his hands.

- “Can we have our ball back, please?” – Asked one of the kids.

Daniel didn´t even care about the broken window and so gave them the ball back and smiled.

– “What´s your name?” – asked Sarah, one of the girls – “Come and play with us

– “I can’t” – said Daniel

When his parents arrived home and saw him crying they talked to him about his feelings and realised how sad he was because they were working all day long, and so they decided to solve the problem.

From that day on they tried to organise their schedules so that they could spend more time with Daniel. They began to go to the park every afternoon where Daniel made lots of friends and was very happy to be with his parents.




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