Short Story for kids written by: Delsy Janet Quispe Goto.

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Sussi. She was living with her mum and dad and her sister Andrea.

Sussi was a beautiful girl, nice and lovely who was always helping and she loved her family so much.

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One day, her parents gave her a nice pair of blue shoes for her birthday. And her sister Andrea gave her a nice colorful ball.



Sussi was amazed by her blue shoes and did not care the colorful ball her sister had given her.

Days passed… She always wore her blue shoes, went to school in her blue shoes, went for walks in her blue shoes and played in her blue shoes. She even went to sleep wearing her blue shoes.

Her mum had to wait until she fell asleep to take her blue shoes off.

More days passed. Her shoes started to get old because she used them for everything.

One day, her sister Andrea, hid her blue shoes and Sussi became really sad, because she wanted them, she didn’t want to wear other shoes, because these were her favorite shoes.

Andrea, her sister, could not bear to see her sister so sad so she gave her back her blue shoes.

When Sussi saw her old blue shoes was really happy, and jumped with joy.

One day, Sussi saw a small hole in the sole of her blue shoes, and ran to show to her mum. Her mum told her that it was time to change her shoes, but Sussi did not want any others.

Her mum talked to her explaining that many things in life do not last forever, including blue shoes, and that we have to learn to get rid of those things we really like.

Sussi’s mum bought her another pair of beautiful shoes which were white this time. Sussi was so happy when saw her new white shoes.


Moral of the Short Story for Kids: Nothing lasts forever, we have to learn to accept new things.

Values of the Short Story for Kids: Love, respect, and humility.


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