Short Story for Kids written by: Olga Blázquez Sánchez.


…That day, Walt did not get anything right. He turned left when he should have turned right, and he walked twenty three steps instead of twenty.

The result was that he did not arrived at school. He became lost in an uncertain and disoriented world, and he could not stop thinking about the magician.

Short stories - Wesley the boy wizard

A voice sounded in his head: “Improvise, Walt”.

-“Improvise? What is that?”



Improvising is acting when the unexpected (or magical) happens. After many hours walking around the streets, Walt arrived home where his parents scolded him.

That night, he dreamed again. This time, the magician was on a mountain but said nothing. He just stood there, dressed in a blue tunic on top of the huge mountain.

Walt saw lots of colours accumulated on the mountain: The green grass at the top was covered with colourful dots (these were flowers). There were trees with brown trunks and golden coloured  bees, grey roses, blue rivers and white snow.

Walt woke up worried again. Nature was something far away, outside the city. But he had to find that mountain and so he prepared a rucksack with food and clothes inside, and set off on his journey.

He had never left the metropolis to reach the wild territories before. It took him a long time and a lot of effort to find a way out. It was dark when he finally arrived to the fields and Walt saw the stars for the first time. He smelled the wet soil and heard the crickets. And now Walt believed in magic for the first time in his life.

He spent that night in the open air. He was cold but he did not care. He screamed out loudly without knowing why, only knowing that he needed to let out of his own body everything that was grey from the city.

The next day, he saw the shape of the mountain against the horizon. He walk without resting, sometimes climbing, creeping and dragging himself along as best he could.

It was not easy to reach the top of the mountain and Walt was disappointed when he realised that nobody was there. He closed his eyes as tears streamed down his cheeks, and, at that moment, the magician appeared. Walt still had his eyes closed, but could see the magician.

-“Walt, remember, I don´t exist, but magic does” said the magician.

Walt understood everything immediately. He believed in magic from that moment, and not his days were always different. When he did his homework it was not monotonous, and he learned to be happier and to live every instant full of hope.



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