Short story written by: Ruderico Diaz (Venezuela)

From a beautiful flower, yellow like the sun, was born a beautiful green fruit named mango.

He was growing on a tree and his colour was slowly changing.


The mango was increasingly concerned about his waist, it was bigger every morning until the branch could barely support the weight of the fruit and so the poor mango thought:

– “If I keep growing, the branch will let me fall and I will die”

One day the branch could not support his weight any more and the mango fell to the ground. When he woke up he realised that the birds had taken his beautiful skin and he only had his heart left.

The worried mango was thinking about his unprotected heart lying on the ground, when a tree took him and said:

– “Don´t worry little mango, you are going to be the most beautiful tree.” – And he planted him right there.

The mango started to feel the roots growing from his heart and understood that every living being is connected to nature.




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