Short Story written by: Miranda Guzman

There was a big tree in the garden of an old house. Three animal communities lived in the tree; a honeycomb with lots of bees, butterflies on the branches of the tree and down among the roots ants had built their home.

Winter was coming and it was time to prepare for the season.  The butterflies were still caterpillars and ate the leaves of the big tree, the bees started to collect pollen and the ants began to save food to survive the long winter.


But when winter was almost over, there were still no signs of spring and the communities had barely any food left. So the bees and the ants decided to look for more food, the butterflies couldn´t because they were inside their cocoons, but they could observe everything around them.

The bees and the ants began to argue about food, while the caterpillars saw everything from inside their cocoon.

One day, one of the caterpillars broke a corner of her cocoon and said:

– “Stop fighting and share your food!”

– “Why, do you care? You don´t even eat inside your cocoon!” – said an angry ant.

– “I don´t eat now, but I will and I would like all of you to be nice with each other and be happy in our big tree, all of us together

The caterpillar was right and the insects decided to make peace. When spring finally arrived, the butterflies came out of their cocoons and found a happy and friendly community living in harmony.




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