Short Story written by: Teresa

Faraway from the city there was a town where the inhabitants were all animal families.

One day the duck family went out for a walk. When they arrived back home mum duck realised that Ducky, one of her little ones was missing. They’d lost him on the walk and worse, it was raining!

Meanwhile, the pig family were outside enjoying the rain, having fun playing in the mud. They saw the little duck all alone in the rain.

Children´s stories - the ducks in the lake

Dad pig asked him what he was doing there, and poor Ducky told them that he was lost. The family of pigs were very nice, and the three little pigs were so happy to have a new friend that they offered him a place to sleep at their house that night.

The next day they all had breakfast together early in the morning and then dad pig said:

-“Let´s go out and find Ducky´s home. His parents must be really worried”

They met a turtle on the way and asked her about the ducks´house. She joined them and guided them half of the way. Next, they saw a cat who also knew where the house was and joined them too and every other animal on their way joined them too.

When the family of Ducks heard all the noise outside, they went out to see what was going on. Ducky was there surrounded by lots of friends and his parents gave him a big, big hug and were very thankful to the family of pigs.

That day was very important for all the animals in town because they had all become very good friends and, since then, they take good care of each other.



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