New Short Story for Kids written by:  Gabriela María Mejía.V.

Once upon a time…

There was a very pretty princess that wanted to meet a prince. She was always imagining him in her dreams, and she even made drawings of him.

The princess lived with several animals: the deer; the squirrel; the birds and the turtles.

Short stories - the loch ness monster

The princess used to sing a beautiful song. Everybody liked it but the evil queen who knew everything.



The queen freed an ugly ogre to eat the princess but at that moment a prince appeared and saw it. He immediately caught the ogre and tied him up so he would not to be able to escape. Then the prince’s assistant asked if he could have his freedom.

As the prince had to run and look for the princess to keep her out of danger, he let his assistant go. The assistant went back and freed the ogre, who still wanted to catch the princess and eat her.

The princess was happily singing all the time when suddenly the animals saw the ogre. They ran to warn her of the danger.

“I want to eat you, princess!” the ogre repeated, again and again.

When she saw him, she quickly climbed up a tree. She was very scared and was about to fall down. The squirrel tried to save her, then just as she was about to fall the prince arrived and saved her.

The evil queen realized that she had not been good and was so sorry that she began to love the princess, dearly. The princess had also finally met her prince and so they all lived happily ever after.


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