New Short Story for Children written by: Roxane (Peru).

– “Who deflated the ball? Who was it?” – Asked the seven year old girl´s dad; until Mary answered stuttering:


– “Why, darling, why…?” – asked her father almost crying.


Mary said: “I just wanted to know what was inside…that is the reason why I poked the ball with the needle”.



The girl´s father was annoyed and confused at the same time, his daughter had loved that orange ball, soft and with a nice smell, with her favorite cartoon characters drawn on it; but the principal reason was that he had spent so much time searching for that present.

So, he decided to punish the girl without thinking much about it, ordering her to go to her room before christmas dinner.

But Mary´s mom had heard the conversation and spoke to her husband, trying to make him understand that the girl was just trying to discover what was inside the ball, and was without bad intention.

The father understood everything, and went to hug his daughter and to apologize.

They never got angry again, and the dad really trusted his daughter, because she demonstrated every day how good she was.

And that is the end of the story…


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