Short Story written by: martin Bravo

This is the story of Peter and Jane.

The day that Peter had to continue the family challenge had arrived. Peter was a famous fisherman in town, like his father, his grandfather and the father of his grandfather.  They all knew the river like the plam of their hand and there was no fish that was able to escape from their fish hooks, except one: Jane, the trout.


The whole family had tried to catch Jane since for as long as they could remember, but all of them had failed. Peter was the youngest and had promised his father that he would caqtch Jane in honour of his family name.

Jane was a big, smart trout. She had big eyes and a long red line along her back, She had never trusted anybody and was always aware of fishermen. But Peter hatched a plan to distract her.

Peter knew that Jane loved almonds. He had been gathering almonds for days, storing them inside a glass bottle ready to give them to Jane. That night he went to bed the day very excited, looking forward to the big moment the next day.

But he had a nightmare about Jane eating the almonds and getting away from him. It scared him a bit when woke up but he forgot about his nightmare after eating an energetic breakfast.

Taking his fishing bag, his rod and the bottle full of almonds, he set off on his trip to the river.

When he arrived, he sat at the river bank and prepared everything for the long day. He knew where Jane should be and so chose an strategic place to fish where he might easily catch her.

He opened the glass bottle, took an almond and put it on the hook, then, threw it into the water…




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