Short Story written by: Martin Bravo

…He opened the glass bottle, took an almond and put it on the hook, then, threw it into the water.

After some minutes, Jane appeared so stealthily and ate the almond, Peter didn’t even notice and this made Jane laugh.

Peter put a new almond on his hook and kept his eyes fixed on it this time, but the astute Jane ate the almond and avoided the hook again!


This happened again and again. Peter became desperate and after losing 500 almonds he didn´t know what to do. He kept throwing hooked almonds for Jane, but she kept on eating them without being caught. Jane was enjoying it so much eating the delicious meal that Peter was giving her.

It started to get dark and began to rain. Peter kept throwing hooked almonds for Jane until he only had one left. It was the last almond in the bottle and Peter had no more chances to catch Jane.

He threw the last hooked almond into the river, closed the eyes, and waited. Right at that moment Jane was a bit distracted and the fish hook got stuck in her little mouth.

Peter couldn’t believe it! “It might be a stone” – he thought, but when saw Jane´s mouth coming out of the water, he jumped for joy.

The young fisherman had caught Jane. He was so happy with his victory, but then he suddenly looked at Jane´s eyes. She looked so sad and was about to cry.

Peter felt compassion for her; “I won´t want to catch any fish for years if I catch her today” – he said convincing himself. Then he healed her wound and let her go.

Peter and Jane became very good friends from that day on. Peter visited Jane every year and always brought a bottle of almonds for Jane but this time without fish hooks, of course.

Do not mistreat the animals, respect them.



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