Short Stories for Kids written by: Juan Carlos Dominguez.

Once upon a time, there was a girl with brown hair. She often felt sad and lonely because older people were always busy with their cars, their offices, their suits and briefcases.

She thought that those grey people saw everything grey.


One day, the girl dyed her hair green. When she had finished she opened her eyes and saw everything colourful; blue, dark blue, red, violet, yellow…well, everything seemed to be a rainbow, even people had a different colour too.



The green haired girl was fascinated to see that everything was colourful; the lake, the trees, the birds that were flying near and far.

The green haired girl went out telling everybody:

“Hello, dye your hair green and see the colourful world!”.

Everybody mocked her and called her weird. Saying:

“Look, there’s the green haired girl, the weird one”

Our green haired girl then felt even more lonely than at the beginning, when she had had brown hair, and she thought that when she was like the others, people only ignored her. Now, they looked at her and call her weird.

So she began walking away from the white soil.

She arrived at the forest and was still seeing blue birds, painted trees, and orange water due to the morning sunrise, but nothing was as fascinating to her as before.

She yawned amongst all that colour and fell asleep, using the grass as a pillow.

After a few hours she opened her eyes and saw a kid looking at her really closely. It was a violet haired boy, who asked:

“Green haired girl, what are you doing here?”

The girl didn’t know what to answer, but has never felt alone again since then. They became the very best of friends and people began to understand them and to respect them as much as the others.


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