Short Story for Kids written by: Gabriela Espin.

Once upon a time…

There were to siblings living with their granny. The oldest one, John, was very loud mouth and was always disturbing his little brother Josh; who was always crying because of that.

One day, their granny took them for a walk through the forest, and Josh stayed behind and got lost.


When their granny, and John realized that Josh was not behind them started to call him and to look for him everywhere, but they could not find Josh. So John look at the sky and said:

God, please help us to find my little brother, make sure nothing happens to him, I promise I won´t disturb or shout at him again, but please, I want him to be fine”.

When God saw him so desperate of not finding his brother, listened to him, and granted his wish.

So, when they went back to the beginning of the way, saw that Josh had gone back with other people, and that it was there waiting for his brother and his granny to come back.

When they saw each other, hugged each other and went back home very happy, in where there were no more shouts, annoyances or sobbing….thus they lived happily ever after.

And that is the end of the story…

Moral of the story: Siblings have to live in peace, demonstrating the affection they have to each other.


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