Short Story written by: Alejandro

John wanted to have lots of friends. He always imagined how his life would be if he had a best friend. There was another kid called Marc who lived next door to him, but they didn´t know each other.

One day, Marc´s parents asked Marc and his little brother to go for a walk with them, but Marc didn´t want to, so he stayed at home while his family went to the park.


After a while, he realised that he had nothing to do at home and was very bored, so he decided to go to the park too.

At the same time, John was walking to the park on his own and he saw Marc on the way.

-“Hi, what´s your name?”- he asked Marc.

-“John, what´s yours? Do you want to play with me?”

And they played together for the whole day, and became very good friends. Marc introduced him to some other friends and John was very happy.

When John arrived home he told his parents about his great day and they were very glad to see their son happy to have made a best friend.




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