Short Story for Children written by: Carolina Mora Arevalo.

The fairies are flying around when they see grandpa. He is a nice man who has always believed in giving love and affection to his family.

When he looks for calm amongst the flowers and fruit in his vegetable garden, he discovers that he is picking the fairies´unconditional love, the same values that he instilled in his family.

fairy fly princess

One of the fairies called Shanna represents generosity. She flaps happily towards grandpa but does not find the moment to offer him her presents.

The second fairy is called Sissi, she is solidarity. She is always ready to support, not just Grandpa, but also everybody who is around her.



Shelly, is the commitment fairy. She is always ready and does not leave things undone. Shelly is a fairy who always accompanies Grandpa and takes care of him.

Camila is the next, a naughty and lively fairy, who is happy climbing the trees to collect her own fruit, but she always shares them with everybody near grandpa.

Pippi is the cooperative fairy, a little fairy who makes every effort to leave everything perfectly in place before flying away.

And the youngest fairy is called Carol, a fairy full of love and tenderness who represents the value of friendship. She appreciates all the other fairies´company and grandpa´s. She always hugs them to show her affection.

When the colourful fairies arrived little by little into grandpa´s life, he grew so fond of them, and he realized that they were also attracted to him as he gave them values that each of them developed to a greater extent.

Nowadays, they wait for each other in the vegetable garden to live together and enjoy sowing, picking, walking, talking and learning more from grandpa´s experience.

That is the end of the story…


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