Short Story written by: Anabela Acuña

The Queen frog had such a big crown that every time she jumped the crown moved.

One day she jumped so high that her crown flew up into the branch of a tree.

Childrens stories - Flora the leaping frog

The Queen frog couldn´t jump so high to reach her crown, but she wasn´t worried because her birthday party was coming up soon and she had an idea.

She invited all her friends from the jump school and bought a colourful bouncy castle for the party.

The day of the party arrived and the guests came with presents. The rabbit with a carrot, the kangaroo with a big bag, the lobster brought flowers…

They all had fun during the party, playing and jumping on the bouncy castle. The queen frog thought that if they played “who jumps higher” one of them would reach the crown; but she was having so much fun with her friends that she forgot about the crown.

She enjoyed the company of her loved ones and didn´t even notice that the dove was flying around wearing her crown, but she wouldn’t have cared about it because she was very happy feeling how lucky she was.




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