Short Story written by: Ruderico Diaz (Venezuela)

A long, long time ago when the sea was created, lots of different kinds of colourful fish were born, all sizes and colours, and there was one special one, a little blue fish, shiny and beautiful. He was different to the others because his colour reflected everything around him due to the sunlight.

Short stories - Delfi the lonely dolphin

The little blue fish didn´t understand why he was like that. He was never going to play with his friends because the brightness of his scales could blind his friends´ eyes and he didn´t want to annoy them.

One cloudy day, the other little fish didn´t have enough light to play in and decided to call the little blue fish because they needed him to illuminate the place.

The little blue fish realised that it didn´t matter how different he was, if he could help others.

From that day on, he played with his friends every day and they had lots of fun together.




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