Short Story written by: “The Ecologist”

The girl realised that all the rain drops were distributing lots of moral values; generosity, self-confidence, humility, honesty, tolerance, equality, justice, solidarity, respect, love, equity.

She felt like she was inside a bubble, isolated from the world, living in peace in a world where there was no violence, no weapons, no discrimination, no corruption, no pollution, a perfect world.


She was sure that the drops were not just influencing her but that all of society might be feeling the same as her and learning important lessons that come from having moral values.

After a few hours the girl and her parents walked back home. It stopped raining and a big, beautiful rainbow appeared. The girl was so pleased with her incredible day that she could not wait to tell her classmates!, But first she had to finish her homework and that was an essay  about Environmentalism, pollution and the loss of moral values in society“. The day she had just been through had been perfect for her essay.

But her happiness did not last long, as once she had left the forest behind to go home, the landscape changed. The city was dirty, the streets were full of rubbish, people looked angry, and the poor girl wasn´t happy any more.

When she arrived home she decided to make the best of her situation and had an idea. She wrote an essay that talked about everything she had done that day, and everything she had seen. She talked about about love drops, moral values, and about how society doesn´t care about environmentalism, or pollution or moral values.

Her classmates and the teacher were so shocked by her story that they decided to make a little ecological recycling company dedicated to separating all products for recycling and put them in their respective containers.



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