Short Story for Kids written by: Laurita Vaquera (12 years old).

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Betty, who had a magic fairy called Mimi. One day, Betty arrived home from school, and found a cake at her house´s door, she loved cakes, so took it and brought it home.

She wanted to give Mimi a piece of the cake, but could not resist the temptation anymore and ended up eating the whole cake. But, what she did not know was that it was Mimi who had left the cake at the door.


Suddenly she sighed:

“Ooh! I would love to have a new school bag…”

And…a new school bag appeared. Betty was shocked, and said again:

“Ooh! I would love to have a Barbie…”

A barbie appeared suddenly. And she realized that the cake was magic.

The next day, she told to Mimi excitedly everything about the magic cake.

“Did you leave me a piece of the cake?”

And Betty said: “No, why would I, if you are a fairy, you can do magic yourself, don´t you?”

And the fairy got pissed off. Then, Betty said again: “I would love to have a ball” – but nothing appeared,said it again three times, but didn´t work. Went to ask Mimi.

“Do you know why my wishes are not fulfilling?”

And Mimi said: “Yes, I took the powers away”

Betty felt really bad, so bought a cake and gave it to Mimi, saying:

“Here, you have a cake, all for you, I´m sorry…”

“Thank you, but I am going to share it with you” – said Mimi.

Mimi shared her cake with Betty, Betty learnt the lesson, and they lived happily ever after.


Moral of the story: Sharing is important.


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