Short Story written by: Michel Martinez

Peter and Anna were one day going back home from school when they passed through a park and decided to stay there a while to enjoy the sunny day.

It was summer, birds were singing and the landscape looked beautiful. All the trees were leafy, green and beautiful but one.

There was one tree with no leaves and a sad appearance. The kids asked the gardener why the tree was so sad and he told them that it was going to be cut down the next day.

Short stories - The day of the tree

Peter and Anna went back home very sad. Peter told his wise grandma who encouraged him to talk to the tree. She claimed that the tree would talk back if he was a nice boy. 

He ran to tell Anna and they went together to see the tree again. “We are your friends, why are you so sad? Please tell us how we can help you.” – said the kids.

But the tree was very quiet. The children turned around to walk back home when the tree said:

“Please don´t go.” – Peter and Anna looked at the tree shocked – “There is an orphanage in that corner over there, children come everyday to play with me, but I have heard that there´s no money to maintain the orphanage and they are moving to another place. I don´t want my friends to leave!”

Peter and Anna thought about a solution but after some minutes Anna started crying. Peter told the tree that they couldn’t do anything to save him or the orphanage.

But the tree had another plan. ” I will tell you a secret. I have a treasure under my roots. Come back at midnight to unearth it with my help and we can give it to the orphanage.”

And so the kids went back at midnight and took the treasure. The next morning they went to the orphanage and gave it to them. They explained how the orphanage was saved thanks to sad tree’s treasure.

The tree was so happy to have heled, that beautiful flowers and leaves emerged from his roots and he became the most beautiful tree in the park.

The tree was never cut down. The orphanage was remodelled and Peter and Anna were very happy. They had made the sad tree happy and also had a new friend.




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